from 21 June to 22 September 2021

sarà il mare

a podcast for Trieste Contemporanea

sarà il mare
a podcast for Trieste Contemporanea
edited by Eleonora Cedaro

sarà il mare, courtesy Eleonora Cedaro, (photograph by Ana Laura Pascale)

Trieste Contemporanea is pleased to present sarà il mare (it will be the sea), the podcast that from 21 June, the day of the summer solstice, at 20:58, sunset time, and until 22 September, the day of the autumn equinox, will tell us the way contemporaneity crosses Trieste.
It takes little more than five minutes to cross the space that leads from the city centre to the end of its quay. sarà il mare is a podcast that collects the thoughts of those who imagine and make the contemporary trying to cross over into the future; it invites to join in a walk from edge to edge with three ideas in mind: what you are pondering, for whom and what message you would like to leave on the seashore to see where it will arrive.
Starting on 21 June, Eleonora Cedaro will take guests on a walk along Molo Audace, for eight episodes broadcast at the same time as sunset, which will return the sound narrative resulting from the invitation to confide one’s desires away, addressed to eight “daring” young entities that in Friuli Venezia Giulia design and offer contemporary culture in different languages and disciplines of the arts.

Mon 21/06 h. 8.58 pm  episode 1 Giulia Tollis
Mon 05/07 h. 8.57 pm episode 2 Michela Lupieri
Mon 19/07 h 8.48 pm episode 3 Elisa Copetti
Mon 02/08 h. 8.32 pm episode 4 Marta Melucci
Mon 16/08 h. 8.11 pm episode 5 Roberto Fabrizio
Mon 30/08 h 7.46 pm episode 6 Giulia Iacolutti
Mon 13/09 h. 7.20 pm episode 7 Davide Coppola
Wed 22/09 h. 7.02 pm episode 8 Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio Della Marina (The link will be available at 7.02 pm. The episode, thanks to the collaboration with Usmaradio, will be streamed on Usmaradio)

sound editing: Gary Brackett
music: Songs and views from the Magnetic Garden by Alvin Curran