by breda beban
(croatian translation)

Moneystains is the original screenplay for the film of the same name that artist Breda Beban wanted to make in the 1990s. The script was developed by Beban during his exile in London, together with the artist Hrvoje Horvatić, the former partner of Breda Beban, and with the participation of the writer and film critic Chris Darke.

After the publication of the original unpublished work – Breda Beban wrote the text in English – and the first translation into Italian, in the Trieste Contemporanea series published at the end of last year, now also published, again edited by Dubravka Šantolić Cherubini, thanks to the Institute for Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Bartol Babić  Vukmir’s translated into Croatian (the artist’s mother tongue), made possible by the co-financing of the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

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Author: Breda Beban. Scenarji napisan 1996-1997 u suradnji s Hrvojem Horvatićem i Chrisom Darkeom. Uredila Dubravka Šantolić Cherubini. Pogovor Dubravka Šantolić Cherubini. Popratni tekst Chris Darke. Prijevod Bartol Babić Vukmir
Afterword by Dubravka Šantolić. With a text by Chris Darke
Edited by: Trieste Contemporanea Commitee, Institut za suvremenu umjetnost <Zagreb>
Year: 2023
Description: 125 p., 21 cm
ISBN: 978-953-8027-15-4

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