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macro asilo

at 6pm at magazzino delle idee

the harbour for cultures’ logbook

presentation of the reader of the project at 7pm

the yeatca 2021 finalists

young european artist award trieste contemporanea 2021

conversation by paolo bolpagni

libraryline 1: brainwork series

bone setting by zbyněk baladrán

description of the series exhibited in trieste
text by the artist

an orientational atlas of exomoons by zbyněk baladrán

description of the series exhibited in trieste
text by the artist

out of control by zbyněk baladrán

description of the series exhibited in trieste
text by the artist

tenth cei venice forum
2022 topic

contemporary art practices at times of crisis

the results of basics

the decisions of the jury of the fourteenth international design contest trieste contemporanea

recent works by damir sobota

introduction to the exhibition
by janka vukmir
(scroll down for the Croatian text)

paolo cardazzo award

first edition 2021

about kentridge

at 6.30pm (online)

basics design 2021: the jury panel

fourteenth triestecontemporanea design competition

basics: the 2021 design competition is open!

read the announcement and take part in the fourteenth triestecontemporanea design competition

gian carlo venuto at the attems palace

with the exhibition chiaro attivo

sarà il mare

episode 8 - Alessandra Zucchi and Antonio Della Marina

sarà il mare

episode 7 - davide coppola

sarà il mare

episode 6 - Giulia Iacolutti

sarà il mare

episode 5 - roberto fabrizio

sarà il mare

episode 4 - marta melucci

sarà il mare

episode 3 - elisa copetti

sarà il mare

episode 2 - michela lupieri

sarà il mare

episode 1 - giulia tollis

i’m h

screening from 6.00 pm (reservation on eventbrite)

liliana moro at trieste contemporanea as rave’s guest

Liliana Moro in dialogue with claudio libero pisano at 6pm (live ticket on eventbrite + streaming online on facebook e youtube)

return from the future

Tuesday and Friday at 6.30 pm

endangered species: a plea for a red book of soviet modernism

opening at 6pm (eventbrite booking required)

harbour for cultures (H/C) at salon salonette wien

streaming Thursday 8 april at 8pm


streaming at 7 pm

pfa animated film festival #13

tuesday 29 december at 6.50 pm


radio streaming at 11:03 pm

a tribute to tadeusz kantor

two new artspace video productions available on internet

teresa & andrzej wełmiński

available on facebook at 6.30 pm

Both Ways Digital Twin

wednesday 21 october at 7 pm

cloud art

art digitization: a challenge to develop new virtual sensitive visions

both ways

visit the virtual exhibition

both ways exhibition

programme of events in TRIESTE

both ways exhibition

exhibition opening at 19

invitation to enter Mayr’s virtual exhibition

we are happy to invite you to enjoy the first virtual visit of an exhibition at trieste contemporanea!

an exhibition by teresa mayr

live streaming on this page and on trieste contemporanea's facebook page

we have a new website!

our new website, completely redesigned and marking Trieste Contemporanea’s 25th birthday this year. Now a delight to visit from your mobile…

Dismantling Structures by Željko Kipke

exhibition opening at 18

the jury and the winner yeaa

young european artist trieste contemporanea award 2019

carte blanche. harbour for cultures

workshop starting from 2.30pm

the open call’s results

here are the young speakers selected for the venice forum

would you like to be a speaker in the next cei venice forum?

an open call for young curators is accepting submissions until april 21st 2019

harbour for cultures project in armenia

89th eyp international session, yerevan

maria theresa

conversation with the finalists of the trieste contest starting at 6pm

searching for identity (at the time of selfie), 3

opening of exhibition 3 at 6pm

trieste campo marzio_ a possible reality

a conversation between giovanni damiani and giulia sgrò starting at 6.30pm

searching for identity (at the time of selfie), 1

exhibition one: from 12 to 24 january, 2019

searching for identity (at the time of selfie), 2

exhibition two: from 26 january to 7 february, 2019

antonio mayor rey is the winner

of the squeeze it third edition

the quipps

the authors, the performances

the squeeze-it-s

the finalists, the competing theatrical actions

the winner of the squeezeitonline award 2018 is claire froës (france)

the results of the online vote at midnight, december 3rd, 2018

squeeze it semi-finalists

ready to start the on-line vote

squeeze it 2018 contest at vivacomix

with a screening of the videos made by the two previous contest winners

squeeze it contest: faq

frequently asked questions

squeeze it contest: the call is now open!

theatre + visual art + new media

the panel of judges

for the design contest

breda’s lesson at ICA in zagreb

presentation starting at 7:00pm

read the announcement of the 13th international design contest

make a design project for a possible harbour for culture

imaginary beyond crisis #3 new geographies

exhibition opening at 6:30pm

bernardin modrić

meeting with the director starting at 6.30pm

december videospritz + pfa 10

Angelo Ricciardi and the tenth Piccolo Festival dell'Animazione

trigon 67/17 in trieste

starting at 4pm

h/c’s november in the city

four new appointments of visions for a harbour for cultures

selma selman

young european artist trieste contemporanea award 2017

the jury and the winner yeaa

2017 young european artist trieste contemporanea award

eighth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators: list of speakers

harbour for cultures. continental breakfast 2017.

eighth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators: programme

harbour for cultures. continental breakfast 2017.

a gorgeous new stefano ricci is coming

save the date: at the opening, on may 6, a performance and music

breda’s lesson

april 22, 2017: a symposium dedicated to breda beban

h/c open call

answer six questions and join the project!

h/c issues

to collect visions of a new harbour for cultures

squeeze it 2016 grand finale

franco jesurun award

squeeze it

a competition for the new creative europe produced in fvg

the winner of the squeeze it online award

the result of the online vote at 24:00 of the 19th of november, 2016

the winners of waterline competition

twelfth international design contest trieste contemporanea

waterline / faq

12 international design contest trieste contemporanea

fotonotte #4 pratiche ecologiche del fare città

maratona notturna di fotografia

waterline / the panel of judges

the meeting will take place at the end of July

the project à la frontière…! in belgrade

the new display after the one at studio tommaseo

animazioni italiane

cortometraggi d'autore

suddenly everything disappears in zagreb

the exhibition of tomislav brajnović and igor eškinja

conversation with christoph szalay

in trieste for the air residency

utopia urbana, a conversation

with the photographer marco citron and the curator daniele capra

utopia urbana

marco citron in trieste

enter waterline!

the announcement of our 2016 design contest is now online

perfurmance, the 2014 franco jesurun award, travels to east

screening of the video work in budapest and sofia

elephant song

by tiziana pers, curators leonardo caffo and martina peruch

exhibition 5

à la frontière…!

exhibition 4

à la frontière…!

oltre il filo. tracce di memoria del campo di concentramento di gonars

incontro con paola bristot e presentazione del libro

immaginario oltre la crisi

#2 merenda = cose da meritarsi

exibition 3: trieste zeugma

the manifesto of the invisible bridge project

exhibition 1

à la frontière…!

à la frontière…!

the full programme

videonotte #3


squeeze it 2014

presentation in zagreb

december at the studio tommaseo

piccolo festival dell'animazione 2015

the jury and the winner

2015 young european artist trieste contemporanea

list of speakers

the experts in trieste on october 23-24, 2015

before numbers trieste: the full programme of october 23 and 24

a two-days immersion in central eastern european contemporary art

before numbers welcomes you in trieste!

a forum for the trieste contemporanea's twentieth anniversary

the 2014 franco jesurun award

the winners of the first edition of the squeeze it contest

witkacy in vilnius

exhibition and conference

watch the video of the workshop

squeeze it contest

fotonotte 2015

hiroaki hasumi

fotonotte #2 altra natura

maratona notturna di fotografia

alban muja

exhibition in trieste

zipped worlds on show in vienna

vienna photobook festival

seventh cei venice forum for contemporary art curators: programme

before numbers. continental breakfast 2015.

2015 topics

seventh cei venice forum

immaginario oltre la crisi

#1 come convivo io con la crisi

murmur by leonor fini at libreria minerva

with corrado premuda and giampaolo penco

business meets art 3

from january 28th to 30th 2015 in udine

videonotte #2 a journey into the crisis

adrian paci at the studio tommaseo

squeeze it: semifinalist clips

squeeze it online award

trieste poesia allo studio tommaseo

XVII festival internazionale della poesia

events in programme in december

at the studio tommaseo

squeeze it contest

the decision of the jury

bio 50 / 24th biennial of design – ljubljana

presentation with cvetka požar and maja vardjan

smuggling anthologies

conference and exhibition

maria lai / ricucire il mondo

in sardinia a complete retrospective dedicated to the artist

the winners of map pin competition

eleventh international design contest trieste contemporanea

map pin / the panel of judges

the meeting will take place on June 18-19

regina josé galindo

artist talk at the studio tommaseo

zipped worlds ljubljana

photography in public domain

map pin / FAQ

11 international design contest trieste contemporanea

map pin / antonio’s technical file

the dinosaurs of the villaggio del pescatore, trieste

dino marangon / gea e pope

tommaseo40anni #1

breda beban / let’s call it love

3th - 26th of april 2014 belgrade

stranizza by valerio la martire

introduction by roberto benedetti

kaja avberšek and stefano ricci

curated by Paola Bristot and Katerina Mirović

business meets art #2

udine / February 6th -7th

zones. emma ciceri

the exhibition in zagreb

to be moved by the sum of individuals

emma ciceri in zagreb (by giuliana carbi *)


animated film festival

the jury and the winner yeaa

young european artist trieste contemporanea award 2019

videospritz: a special appointment for running time

in trieste, november 29th, 2013

continental breakfast. running time in trieste: the programme

a special session of the sixth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators

compete for the young european artist 2013

deadline 26 November 2013

trieste next 2013: waterwise

september 27-28-29

see you in september

cinegrafie and moving silence

rave 2012; ivan moudov

presentazione starting at 9 pm

breda beban in zagreb

the adventure of the real at msu

smuggling anthologies

call for entries

emanuela marassi’s ramemare

opening at 6.30 pm

sixth cei venice forum: invitation

continental breakfast. running time 2013

sixth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators: programme

continental breakfast. running time 2013.

ivan moudov. stones

udine / casa cavazzini


theatre set and costume designing festival

read the topics of the sixth cei venice forum

online registration will be opened soon

parola chiave: il pubblico

with sergia adamo, corrado premuda and sara alzetta

milano / trieste: pitture domestiche by mattia barbieri

Federico Luger and Studio Tommaseo

breda beban in ljubljana

musical for the senses

adrian paci’s inside the circle in paris

jeu de paume museum / adrian paci: lives in transit

fabrizio giraldi

sguardi contaminati

small animation festival

andiamo al cinema, avanti!

pasolini oggi

laura cherubini

doubleroom – meditiamoci su

curator massimo premuda

breda beban

the adventure of the real

double track in ljubljana

at the 23rd biennial of design bio23

videospritz 2012 – adrian paci

première of the new film inside the circle

videospritz/brainwork 2012 – claudio massini

august meetings with aperitif

ivan moudov’s agenda

trieste, thursday, august 9th 2012, 7pm

rave east village artist residency

ivan moudov is the 2012 artist in residence at trivignano udinese


a new place for art in trieste

maghi si diventa

a new book by fiora gandolfi

opening double track

award ceremony and exhibition opening

double track – opening final exhibition and award ceremony

tenth international trieste contemporanea design contest

videospritz 2012 – animate earth

documentary presentation and a conversation with the director Sally Angel

double track: jury’s deliberations

on friday the 13th of July the opening of the final exhibition

the jury, the documentary, the book

tuesday, june 19: meeting with the experts of the design competition's jury


14 - 21 of june: first appointment of videospritz 2012

lingua madre

cristiano carloni and stefano franceschetti

presence by hr-stamenov extended to february 18th 2012

2011 young european artist trieste contemporanea award

green shoots

erika skabar

hr-stamenov: presence

2011 young european artist trieste contemporanea award

i stand exposed -special event 2: la chiave dell’ascensore

theatrical performance/workshop of contemporary art by Obliquia, freely inspired by the homonymous work by Agota Kristof

i stand exposed – special event 1: atej tutta

conversation with atej tutta - screening of atelje

gaetano mainenti

I stand exposed

opening of rave workshop’s final exhibition

condensation: final exhibition of adrian paci's rave workshop

young european artist trieste contemporanea award

the winner of the twelfth edition is HR-Stamenov

cartoons: forum and screenings

videospritz: animazioni d'autore

the documentary film on leonor fini goes to sicily

it will be screened on august the 25th at the flower film festival of bagheria

franco jesurum’s archive at the civic teather museum c. schimdl

trieste contemporanea entrusts the jesurum's archive to the triestine museum

free port of art’s opening

first cei trieste exhibition of contemporary visual art

international experts in trieste

in homage to rudolf steiner

speakers at work

fifth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators

fifth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators: list of speakers

continental breakfast. the place of encounter.

cei international art exhibition in trieste

only a few more days left to apply for selection

the fragile pedestal

the participants to the first seminar of art history trieste contemporanea

continental breakfast. place of encounter 2011.

fifth cei venice forum for contemporary art curators

a video and a conversation

saturday april 9, 2011, 6 pm

ricci/forte: special guests in trieste, march 16th, 2011

direct contact with extreme italian theatre

opening on saturday the 19th of february

the new sculptures by gianpietro carlesso come to trieste

next saturday at 6 pm the award ceremony of the pocketluck contest

and the final exhibition of the winner and selected projects

videospritz # 6 is coming

it will be a marathon centered on the one hundred transitland's videos 1989-2009

here are the selected and winner projects of the 2010 edition

they will be shown in trieste at studio tommaseo from october 23rd to december 11th, 2010

the jury of the design competition is working

on september 13th and 14th , 2010 at the CEI secretariat general

the drawings of tadeusz kantor come to trieste

in display works created by the great director from 1947 to 1990


a new exhibition in trieste by claudio massini


studio tommaseo 1974 - 2009

albanian bridge

adrian paci and driant zeneli in dialogue

videospritz 2009 # 4

the international video art presentation will start on december 9th

nanda vigo

saturday, november 14th, 2009

a roundtable about the limits of creativity

in the frame of the conference 'the cultural district'

leo castelli

promo of the great gatsby of art

pierpaolo koss and the centenary of the futurism

the electric knight: performance and collateral events

the 2009 young european artist award

the winner is the albanian artist driant zeneli

mauro sambo

raw materials and residuals

finissage: bozzetto di una storia

ricordi per carmelo zotti

cei venice forum: the programme

june, the 3rd 2009

presentation of the carmelo zotti’s general catalogue

at stazione rogers, on saturday, may 30th, at 7 p.m.

bozzetto di una storia’s opening

ricordi per carmelo zotti

glasstouch’s opening in bassano

european design for blown glass

the new chinese shadows at the venice academy

i mercoledì dell'accademia: the young video art of peking

the furla italian award to alberto tadiello

another important recognition to the 2008 young european artist trieste contemporanea

alberto tadiello’s 20kHz extended until march 11th

the 2008 young european artist award's winner at studio tommaseo

the sergio miniussi’s archives goes to the state archives

trieste contemporanea entrusts the miniussi's archives to the trieste state archives

graalglass bianco mistero extended until january 18th

the eighth international design competition at stazione rogers

an important conference produced by ‘casa dell’arte’

at allianz auditorium, on wednesday, december 17th, 2008

stefano mirti and lucia tozzi

in trieste for the laplamp meeting

the new chinese shadows

the young video art of peking

stazione rogers

opening starting at 6pm

popcorning, solo exhibition of massimo premuda

from September 4th to November 8th

the winners of graalglass

Stefano Suarez, Vladimir Stankovic and Aysenaz Toker

graalglass jury meeting

on June 12th and 13th at the CEI executive secretariat

music in the world of images

on claudio ambrosini by caterina skerl

amplessi, solo exhibition of dino tamburini

opening Thursday 24th April, 6pm

continental breakfast. removal

Friday 18th April 2008, 6pm

eye of the beholder. artscape nordland

eva ch. nilsen and giampaolo penco join the festival of montr�al

venice forum proceedings

publication of the book

gloria mundi, solo exhibition of laura zicari

from February 23rd to April 5th

imagine art after: finding grandma’s garden

first appointment with videospritz #3, friday 15th february 2008 at 7pm

my sunshine


2007 young european artist trieste contemporanea award

my sunshine, nikola uzunovski (macedonia)

come in un gioco (like in a game)

maria lai's exhibition

pink installations: emanuela marassi

massimo premuda interviews the artist

beauty: emanuela marassi

october 31st, 2007: the opening of the exhibition at the revoltella museum

let this timidity have a voice

tribute in Monfalcone to Sergio Miniussi in the 75th anniversary of his birth

“Echo e Narciso” by Emanuela Marassi

exhibition opening at 7pm

continental breakfast 2007 istanbul forum

Trieste Contemporanea at Instanbul

nothing special, winckelmann’s knife

for TriestËfotografia, opening next Friday

central park


xeno, the landscape promoting art

a project in Gramogliano

Butoh dance performance

a preview of Eleonora Zenero's new performance

spritznews 1

a homage to Breda Beban in the first day of videospritz #2

“Musiz” by Ivan Moudov

2006 Young European Artist Trieste Contemporanea Award

an unknown india in brigitte brand’s paintings

press release: february 23rd 2006

Endless Elsewhere

paintings by Brigitte Brand

seventh edition of the international design competition

theme of the 2006 competition: glass jewel

chocolate grinder # 3

an exhibition by etty abergel, mirosław bałka and alfredo pirri

continental breakfast

the first Italian destination for the exhibit of this international coproduction project